Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cumberland Walk, Yarra Ranges

We have our first 2008 bushwalk on 23rd March. This is an easy under 2 hour walk at the Yarra Ranges. The highlight is the Cora Lynn Falls and the Big Tree (tallest living tree known in Victoria).

As the kids have too much energy, they went for another 40 minutes return walk to the top of Steavensons Fall after lunch.

Here are some pictures.

At the entrance of the Cumberland Walk.

Don't they look 'professional'?
Cora Lynn Falls

Relaxing at Marysville.

At Steavensons Fall.

Three cheers for the little who kept it up with the boys all the way, until this last lap, where she came down the steps a few minutes after the boys.

Next trip planned on ANZAC Day, 25th April (Friday) - venue to be advised.

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