Monday, April 9, 2007

Mt Donna Buang Easter Sunday 8th April 2007

Our second bushwalking trip is a big contrast to the inaugural walk at Shelly Beach. It's a walk to the top of Mount Donna Buang at Yarra Ranges National Park.

We stopped at Waburton for lunch by the Yarra River. Now all the kids are still in good mood ...

All is calm, quiet, peaceful ...

On the way to the Rainforest Gallery where the walk began...
We started with the 40m walk, 15m above ground along the Rainforest Gallery. A view from the walk... (we get to drink the water as seen in this picture later.)

This is the easy warm-up walk where we have proper stairs.
Now let the real bushwalk began...

Half an hour later, we still have smiles...

From Mt Donna Buang to Rainforest Gallery, it's 3km and rated Moderate/Hard and should take about 1.5 hr one way according to the information sheet. As we are going from Rainforest Gallery up to the summit, we would expect to take longer, maybe 2 hr. From about 1/4 of the way, here are comments from the kids: (names suppressed!)

"Whose idea is this? How could you do this to us?"

Response: "Take me bushwalking when I am 70 and pay me back then"

"I want to go home!"

Response: "Trust me, we are almost there!" (This was my favourite response! It lost its effectiveness after a while, "You said that an hour ago!")

New response: "Look, we can see the sky, we are almost there!" (Have to use this for another 2 hours!)

"My legs are tired, I can't make it."

Now, some positive comment:

"I want to go camping, I like this."

"This is better than the first trip, I love climbing uphills and over the log, it's cool!"

But when we are at the summit, no more mixed feelings, it was all good!

We've done it!!!

Now that I have no energy to climb the observation deck, I got the kids to take some pictures from the top.

Even Fay, the youngest in the group (5 yr old) have energy to climb up the observation deck, so at this point, I have to concede defeat. Rounds of applause to the kids for conquering Mt Donna Buang!

Last stop at the 10 Mile Picnic where we collect the spring water - it really tastes good.

Next stop - 4 hr bushwalk? But don't tell the kids...

For the record, this particular trip takes over solid 2 hour walking uphill before we have a rest and continue the trip up again for another 40 minutest or so.

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